Omar Sanseviero




I studied Computer Science at Tecnológico de Monterrey, one of the top Mexican engineering university, in Mexico City. I graduated at the top 5% of my class with a final grade of 94 over 100.

I also studied one semester abroad in U.C. Berkeley where I took the Foundations of Data Science and Innovation and Entrepreneurship from a social and cultural context courses. I participated in a challenge lab class that simulated the process of creating your own company.

Some of the classes I took

I also had a group-based capstone project in which we developed a website for building and hosting Machine Learning models. The main idea was that users could upload their own data, and we would do pre-processing, hyper parameter tuning, model evaluation and model deployment with a simple to use API.


I’m currently enrolled in the online Master of Computer Science of Georgia Tech. I’m taking this degree for the sake of expanding my knowledge, so I’m taking my time with it. So far I’ve taken the following classes


I’m a strong supporter of non-traditional education. I love to learn new things :)